Happy 2016!


Happy 2016! I know I’m late to post. Hopefully I post more stuff this year. I’ve switched to HostMantis. I was on A Small Orange before and the shared hosting was fine.

What happened was my friend has a VPS with them that was down for at least 3 days, shame on EIG! They’re the ones who own A Small Orange, Bluehost, and HostGator. You’re better off getting a smaller host and plus it’s cheaper. HostMantis has awesome deals!

Happy Holidays!


I hope you all have a merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate. I can’t wait till next year. Yellow Ostrich will be playing at The Casbah and maybe I’ll finally get to see Shonen Knife! You should all get a Kiwi Connect, it’s a new site kind of like Meetup but it has a Kiwi Layering system, which is kind of like Google+ circles. Here’s the website: http://www.kiwiconnect.com

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.




I really hope there is a Diggnation reunion, it’s been awhile since the finale. Also I’ve been playing Splatoon which is a very fun game. Also Planetside 2 comes on PS4 June 23rd. Splatoon Amiibo 3 pack is available on http://www.gamestop.com right now. I recommend you get them while you can, because they’ll probably sell out.

Earth Day 2015


Hi everyone,

I haven’t posted in a little bit. This post may get a little political. Some stuff you can do to be more earth friendly is be like me,  use earth friendly products on your body. Primal Pit is a good deodorant if you think there’s no good earth friendly deodorants. Dr Bronner’s is the soap I use on my body and I use it to brush my teeth. You can also use Dr Bronner’s for laundry. Make sure to buy local if you can and don’t buy Roundup, if you’re gardening at home it should be all organic anyway. Some good sustainable restaurants are Cucina Basilico, Bushfire Kitchen,  Doner Grill,  though sometimes Doner isn’t organic,  Carnitas Snack Shack is mostly sustainable, and Cucina Urbana is mostly sustainable I think. If you want coffee then I’d say Lofty Coffee in Encinitas,  either one because there’s two sides, the one by the art store is just espresso.  Lush Coffee Lounge in Vista.

Take the train if you’re going somewhere,  easy for me because I don’t have a car. I go to a lot of concerts because I have rides lol. I mostly take the train when I go to Orange County or Los Angeles.

Now onto politics. Down with the two party system!  Be like me join the Green Party, two party system likes war which is very unearth friendly.  Join the libertarian party if you want, whatever. I endorse Jill Stein for now. Also two party system likes fracking,  which is not earth friendly as well. Well libertarians do somewhat as well,  but at least they’re not pro war. I didn’t like Prop 1 all that much, most of Green Party agrees that it’s not an earth friend Proposition. Also legalize Marijuana and legalize hemp, if we legalize hemp we can make a lot of stuff.


I haven’t posted in a while.


I’ve been waiting for KiwiConnect, I know it seems like it’s never being launched, I’m sure it’ll be amazing though.

I’ve been to a lot of concerts I really should start posting those from now on. I’m thinking of either going to Sprung Monkey or Sad Robot. I need to post more pictures of Ice Cream of course. Oh might as well advertise, if you love the site and you need to make a site please click the ASmallOrange side link because they’re awesome.

I’ve recently gone back to Cox, we were on UVerse, I’m jealous of the Uverse users who have 1gbps download. My speed on Wireless is usually around 69 mbps. Also it sucks now that we can’t exit the emergency broadcast message. On the other hand we’ve gotten more HBO shows on demand, if you like Breaking Bad you should watch Profugos, basically the Chilean version. I really like Psi as well, which is brazilian but that’s more of a psychological show. I got a ton of free food for my birthday on February 12th.

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